ChapinRosenFish is a mashup of images from my own collection and varied sources worldwide. The beach is from our local walks at Chapin Memorial Beach. The antique map is of Tuscany, and the old car with the menacing grill is from a car show here in Massachusetts. There’s a slice of a portrait of a handsome young man that I found on Unsplash by @AhmadrezaRezaie. Layered over all of these are three elements: a funky neon fish from a market in South Alabama, a bright red and black mark from one of my drawings, and an old letter from 1968.

The title is a compound word: “Chapin” from the beach in Dennis, Massachusetts, “Rosen” from my inspiration by James Rosenquist, and “Fish” from that great fish I mentioned earlier.

This enormous digital piece speaks to my fascination with forces and time. 

The Forces of wind, water, and tides change the beach where we take our walks. As time goes by, we see the landscape change radically, and we witness the power of these forces. These outer forces are mirrored by ones inside us: our thoughts, feelings, hopes, and desires.

Time is represented by the pieces of reality, the passing memories, and slices of visions that make up our lives. The expressive lines represent us, or our expression, our walk through time as the world changes around us.



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