Part of the Forces Series, this abstract expressionist landscape reminds me of Arshile Gorky. This composition’s sweeping energetic black lines and loose organic shapes remind me of his work from the 1940s, especially Landscape-Table and Water of the Flowery Mill. Others from this same period have almost the same colors but with a different scumbled paint style.

I love the tilting, energetic landscape in flux regardless of art history references. The saturated yellows, oranges, and teals play off the neutral grays. This piece is small but bursting with energy.

The Forces

The forces that shape our world, natural and supernatural, internal and external are the subject of this series. It is inspired by particular places here on Cape Cod. Chapin Memorial Beach in Dennis and Indian Neck Beach in Wellfleet never fail to inspire me and teach me. They are both located at the convergence of smaller and larger waterways.

The forces of tides, water, and wind over time shape the landscape and transform the places constantly. Similarly, the power of thoughts, dreams, feelings, and spirits shape our inner world from moment to moment.

The patterns you see in these pieces are almost exact copies of the ones I find on the beach.

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Aqua, Black, Gray, Orange, Teal, Yellow


9 X 12




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