Meditation on the Measure of Man & Money
Meditation on the Measure of Man & Money

Meditation on the Measure of Man & Money


The philosophical series harkens to the highly detailed drawings I produced decades ago. These pieces are always about me processing my world, fears, hopes, loves/hates, and my ever complicated and tortured relationship with money and creativity.

One of my favorite artists is quoted here, Leonardo da Vinci. His Vitruvian Man has always been an image that I never quite get out of my head. Leonardo sneaks into the painting from the left side. Another character from a famous engraving seeps into our consciousness from the depths of the image. It’s George Washington from the dollar bill.

A nude male figure sits in an incongruous space amid these spirits in a meditative pose. He forms a pyramid and seems to be pressing the edges to escape possibly.

The swirling textures on the left are reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh and the textures I used in earlier drawings.

In the background, a dock recedes off to infinity on a strangely surreal sea. All of this creates a surreal self-portrait with many layers and meaning. The work is heavily glazed to impart a more painterly quality, mimicking some of the techniques used to make unlimited art decor prints feel like actual paintings. I use this ironically.



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