Phantasmagoria (a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream) This work deals with forces inside us; Unseen physical processes and elements of the spiritual world of thoughts, dreams, hopes, and feelings.

This piece is a nonliteral self-portrait. It developed at a critical time in our lives. My partner and I were getting ready for our shows one morning when he felt strange. That sharp pain in his upper back quickly became debilitating and excruciating. Val was in the middle of a medical crisis that lasted for a month, and Phantasmagoria developed in its midst.

The soul scramble/tangle wire became a metaphor for my love’s medical ordeal. In the second version, the vessels form a heart-like shape.

The layers of this print include photos from various sources. In the background is a photograph of the Brewster Flats on Cape Cod Bay. Another layer sets a stormy tone. It’s a beach rules sign tacked to a piece of wood. The striations of the grain make you feel like you’re in the middle of one of those intense Cape Cod wind and rain events. The old rusty truck grill may represent the body, especially older ones like mine. The tangled, spiraling picture wire is vital in this piece. I sometimes used it visually, aggressively, and other times more transparently and spiritually.

There are two versions on purpose in the show: to shed light on my editing process. Both pieces are artist proofs. Ten prints are available in any size over 18 X 24.



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