Frenchtown Fireworks
Frenchtown Fireworks

Frenchtown Fireworks

This great photo was taken at a fireworks show in Frenchtown, New Jersey by professional photographer Bill Brokaw on January 1, 2014. I would be sharing my own shot with you, but the show is staged as a private event for friends, “locals and anyone else who is lucky to experience them”. I am a local but I guess I’m not on the A List when it comes to the Fraternity of the Friends of Frenchtown Fireworks. To be fair to the FFFF, there was a notice that was posted one hour and a half before the show on the Frenchtown Facebook page by our mayor but I am not one of those people who sits on Facebook waiting for something to be posted and I disabled my Facebook notifications. I don’t have time to respond every time a friend or group member gets hungry and wants to share that with me. Call me crazy, but I value my sanity more than that.
If it sounds like I am angry and feel left out, well I am and I do feel that way. When I posted my feelings on Facebook, I was told that I needed to relax and that I was a sad character that might have the chance to find happiness one day. I am really disappointed that I missed the fireworks again. I am a local but I am stunned that nobody can see the absurdity of a private, secret fireworks show.
I love the challenge of photographic fireworks and it would be a special victory to get a good shot of the fireworks over the Frenchtown – Uhlerstown Bridge, which is one of my favorite spots to photograph the river no matter what the season, or the time of day.
I have been writing about fireworks and taking photographs of them for years now and I do not think I am being nasty or evil to want a little advance notice of these fabulous little shows. I simply want enough notice to be able to set up my tripod and get a good shot of fireworks over the Delaware River. I do not even think that it is unreasonable to ask that someone give the community advance notice so that we all can plan to be on the bridge or on the banks of the river to enjoy the spectacle. I may be a satanic backward caveman here but I don’t event think that letting everyone in the entire region know would be such a bad thing. Would all the store owners and hotel owners be really upset if Second Night in Frenchtown became a big thing?
I hate the spirit of this whole endeavor. It reeks of privilege and exclusivity. The attitude seems to be, we are very gracious and you are more than welcome to enjoy our show, if you are our personal friend.
I have a friend who tell me that if they publicize the date of the show it will become a nightmare for Frenchtown. It will be taken over on Fireworks night by thousands of people clogging the bridge and Main Street. I also spoke to someone associated with the farm at one point and he specifically said that we don’t tell anyone because we don’t want people from New York showing up and ruining it for all of our friends. That attitude is one that I have confronted in town before. There are a whole group of people who think that Frenchtown is only for those that live here and that it is a sin to ever desire to serve or seek to attract visitors. The thinking goes that all the shops should only carry merchandise to sell to local folks. Frenchtown is for us and you aren’t from here, you oughta get out and never come back.
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